Insert and Over Molding

Insert Molding is a technique whereby an insert is placed inside the injection mold, and then melted plastic material is injected into the mold to fill the cavity and mold around the inserted component. Insert molding can often result in stronger, more lightweight products since the insert helps add stability and strength without the need for multiple parts.

Over Molding is a process that allows manufacturers, to injection mold over another substance. This technique is used to create a softer surface for additional product protection and to provide additional surface protection. Over molding can be also be used for parts requiring two or more injection molds.

Both of these techniques can benefit your products. Either technique can be used to combine various components into a single finished product that can equate to a great reduction in production time as well as offer improved performance and, most importantly, increase flexibility in product design. Canyon Plastic’s team can help you determine the right process for your application.